It has been over a week since my last post, mainly because I've been busy working on this site in other ways, which will become apparent in the coming week! However I felt I had to break my silence to big up a film I've watched.

Layer Cake is an amazing film. To look at it is stylish, slick, the photography sublime. The writing is clever, the plot much better than expected, and the acting, from such names as Daniel Craig and Michael Gambon, is spot on. To top it all, Sienna Miller (who I've not yet seen in a film) plays a small but super sultry role as Tammy, and helps to break up this male dominated film.

I'd not watched it before as I thought of it as another Lock Stock / Snatch Guy Ritchie film, but I was wrong. It was much better than either of these films, and not funny, which is a good change for the British gangster film. If you haven't watched it, watch it.

In other news if you need to sand down woodwork in your house, get a Mouse, they're great!!

Finally it wouldn't be a post on a Sunday without mentioning snowboarding. It hurts when you fall, but is bloody great when you nail a turn. That is all.