At last, the Winter Olympics in Torino are nearly upon us, and all us winter sports fans can sit down and watch the best version of the Olympics. And to help us achieve this goal, it looks like the BBC are pulling out all the stops to make this years games coverage better than ever, with a special BBC Winter Olympics website.

The Games run from the 10th Feb, through to the 26th Feb. The particular event I'm going to be keeping an eye on, along with old favorites the Bobsleigh and downhill skiing is the snowboard cross. This is a new event to the Olympics, and sounds like a great watch, I'll let you read the BBC site to get a feel for it, they do it better than me! (If you've got any other favorite events let me know, and I'll try and watch them too.)

Finally, on this particular page is a link to a cool short video (2.10mins) showing a beginners guide to snowboarding. What is contained in this short 2 minute video is what Dawn and I have been trying to achieve for the past year or so. She makes it look so easy, it makes you sick. Oh well, we'll nail it one day!