3 months and 2 weeks, or 135 days, or 3240 hours...

...finally, our kitchen is finished!!!

We've pulled our finger out and done the last coat of paint and couple of jobs to get the kitchen finished. Hurrah! It has been a long journey since we placed the order at Wickes on the 1st Oct 05, but we've come through it all, with some help from a few friends, and the kitchen now looks amazing, we're really happy with it.

Not much else to say really, only that the before and after pictures below show the difference we've made, and that you're free to comment away on how great it looks! (There's a couple more pictures in the kitchen gallery.)

Update: I've just worked out how much the kitchen cost (inc cabinets, floor, tiles and all the odd bits and bobs for decorating) for all you stat fans! It came to £2220.24 - not bad really for what we've got. Bonza.

Old kitchen New kitchen