We've been shopping today for a new dining room table and chairs. The state of dining room furniture in England is diabolical. We went to Habitat, DFS, SCS, Barker and Stonehouse, Furniture village, John Peters and Ikea. In every single shop, except Ikea, the tables and chairs were simply huge or overpriced. I think all furniture designers must think we live in mansions - who has a dining room big enough for any of these things? And the prices? Do they just dream up stupid prices and stick them on the table? I mean, over £600 for a table and 4 chairs, how do they justify that? (I know that's just tempting a smart alec to comment against on post, so lets see how many I attract!)

Anyway, much to my usual annoyance, Ikea had the solution. A table and chairs, reasonably priced, and ready to take home that day. We've got the Kloffsta table and 4 of the Hendriksdal chairs. It looks very nice, as you can see below. Another good days work!

Our dining room table and chairs