Well done, the MPs of England have made the best decision for our country's future for a long time. Thanks to the total smoking ban, I might start going to the pub more often to enjoy the fine real ales that can be found in delightful pubs across England.

However, I have to stop being cheery and rant a little. Watching BBC Breakfast this morning, it again managed to show what idiots live in our land. This particular small minded baffoon texted in that, now we've decided to ban smoking, and all these people are going to give up, where is the Chancellor of the day going to find the money to plug the gap in his tax revenues when people stop buying ciggys.

I couldn't believe it - he's obviously desperately grabbing at any excuse possible to stop the ban going through, because, if he'd stopped for 10 seconds and engaged his brain, perhaps the more logical side of it might have kicked in. His thought process might then have been more along the lines of:

  • Smoking ban equals less people smoking
  • Less people smoking means less tax for Brown (this is where he stopped and got out his phone, but should have continued)
  • Less people smoking means less health problems for the nation
  • Less strain on the NHS equals less money needed by the NHS to treat smoking related problems
  • Plus the fines for places allowing smoking to happen
  • Plus those hardcore smokers who won't give up, we'll tax them even more
  • Equals very little difference in the budget. I'll put my phone away. (Sadly he didn't make it to this point.)

Obviously my maths might be wrong, but I think its a bit closer than the baffoon's! Anyway, that is my piece on the matter.

In summary, smoking bad. Ban good.