What do you do on a cold wet February day when the Mrs wants to "do something"? Answer, you head for a cave, because the chances are its a bit drier and warmer than today's weather!

Our cave of choice was Speedwell Cavern. We were sucked in by the idea of a boat journey underground, in an old lead mine, leading to an underground cathedral like cavern. In reality you do get a boat ride in a small tunnel, but its straight, is about half a mile long, and at the end of it you have to get out to admire the cavern. We also got to enjoy our boat ride with a bunch of school kids, two of which chickened out when they saw the tunnel! I'm being a bit harsh though, it was actually really cool thinking back to when they were blasting out the tunnels in the late 1700s, and it certainly was a different way to spend an hour. It gets the Riley recommendation, but you might want to combine it with some other caverns in the area.

Photos of our adventure underground can be found, as always, in the photos section.