Whilst we were out on Friday night, celebrating St Patrick's day the only way English people know how, drinking Guinness and wearing a silly hat, talking in a rubbish Irish accent (OK, that was just me), I discovered I had a talent.

As the title of this post suggests, I am, apparently, a good winker. I'm not entirely sure why we started winking, but it turned out my wink had Dawn and Suzy giggling away like little girls, whilst Tony's wink left them laughing at him, going "Your wink is rubbish!" It is something to do with the fact mine is sly, understated and noticed only by the person it was intended for, where as Tony's whole head moved when he winked, not very good.

Anyway, on discovery of this talent it obviously meant there was a lot of winking going on on Friday night! But I'm rambling slightly now, for there is a point to this post. On Saturday night, we were half watching the "Stars In Their Eyes - Kids Live Final" on ITV1, and in it I noticed Cat Deeley wink not once, but twice! I have to say she has a very good wink, and I wouldn't be surprised if that wink has helped her get to where she is today! But it led me to think, what other celebrity winkers are there? Obviously there's Anne Robinson, but other than that I'm a bit stumped. I'm sure there used to be a BBC Weatherman that always ended on a wink, but I can't remember his name.

Anyway, there's the question, can you name any other celebrity winkers? And no changing any of the letters in the word wink to make an amusing comment, keep it clean please!!