Have you ever been asked what music you're in to, and you've just said "a bit of everything". Well now you can help define which bits of everything you actually mean thanks to a groovy new tool from BBC Radio 1, the Musicube.

It is all flash based and simple to use. They present various cubes, and you choose which cubes (genres) make up your Musicube. Sample beats are played as you hover over a cube, just in case you aren't quite sure if you like "dirty house", "soulful house", or just "house" music! You get to pick 10 cubes (each cube is 10% of your Musicube) and once you are done you can put it on your web site, or send it you your friends.

You may have spotted my Musicube in the right column of my website, and it is going to stay there for the foreseeable future. As you can see I'm pretty much a dance person, but I dabble in all flavours of music. And the BBC say when they add new cube genres they'll tell you via an announcement in the cube, which I think is pretty cool.

Obviously this isn't just something the BBC has developed because people were struggling to define their musical tastes - its clearly plugging the "listen again" feature on the website. But, I love the listen again feature, and clicking on each cube to tell me which shows specialise in that genre of music is a great idea. Obviously you need to get your speakers plugged in for the full effect, but I've got to say, hats off to the BBC, job well done.