A couple of websites I've stumbled across today have enough substance to them to make them worthy of a special mention.

Firstly the BBC have released the BBC Broadcast Catalogue as a beta to the world. It is an absolute treasure trove of information, and is crying out for a Web 2.0 mashup of some kind! They explain it far better than me, so check it out! [Via hackdiary]

Secondly I've found last.fm - an absolutely brilliant social music service - it tracks what you listen to, but also provides a free personal radio station based on what you and others listen too (it uses tagging quite nicely.) After signing up, 5 minutes later and I'm listening to some quality jazz, with no adverts or DJs. Great! Again they explain it much better than me, but essentially just try it, I guarantee you'll love it.

Finally completely unrelated, you'll have seen my site has a Cumbrian translation, but I'm struggling to find a decent Yorkshire translator for web pages. If you find one let me know!

Update: Sorry, one other website I forgot to mention, another bit of BBC content buried on their site, Blog Network - a site detailing all the various blogs the BBC run, something for everyone there! Go!