I'm playing a round of 18 hole golf with work in a couple of weeks, and considering the closest I've come to golf is a driving range with a right handed club (I'm left handed) it is going to be a fun day!

For this day I need left handed clubs (Jim has kindly lent me a full set), golf shoes, a polo shirt or shirt, no T-shirts allowed, trousers, and a golf glove helps apparently! So off to Decathlon I've been today. After some deliberation and asking a member of staff who played golf, I ended up with the right glove. You see, you only get one glove for golf, and for a left handed player like me it goes on your right hand, only the box is labeled left handed, as that's the player I am, not the hand it goes on. Not confusing when you realise this, but until you do, you're dumbfounded!

And golf shoes, what's the deal with them? Do you change into them at the club house, or do you turn up wearing them? I only ask because they have funny grippy bits on the bottom, which I can't see being any good on a hard surface? Any golfers care to enlighten me?

All this said I'm looking forward to it, and am looking forward to my time at the driving range next weekend to get a few practice shots in - I think I'm going to need them! Wish me luck, I'll let you all know how it goes...