Well, I thought I'd better put in an appearance here before you all wondered where we'd gone. We've been off snowboarding in Morzine for the past week or so, and much fun it was too. I've got a diary of the holiday to type up and stick on here. It is likely to be quite dull, but some of you might find it interesting!
As usual there are a load of photos, which I'm currently uploading, but I'll let you know where they are all there and ready to view.

New for this year is improved video footage - there are videos of Dawn, Kevin and myself in action, plus a crazy snowboarder doing a jump down a very steep mountain (we were in the right place at the right time!) All of these videos can be found on the photos page in the videos box on the right.

Some other observations whilst we've been away.

  • It seems bird flu hasn't killed every bird in the UK, so that's good, and I'm glad the media have shut up about it, for now.
  • The French are lazy strikers, who feel that blockading ferry ports gets them somewhere, when it doesn't, it just annoys us and makes us dislike the French even more - more on that in the diary.
  • It seems I missed the first in the new series of Doctor Who. Bugger.
  • I read "The Godfather" whilst on holiday; turns out its a good book, and I'm rather looking forward to watching the film for the first time now.

That just about wraps up business for now, diary and photos update coming soon.....

Update Photos now online!