Well, I've just watched the housemates enter the house, here's my fist impressions of them.

Bonnie (20), oh dear, annoying voice and catchphrases, but growing on me already.
Pete (24), off his rocker, gonna be fun, the one with tourettes.
George (19), posh boy, could cause friction.
Shabaz (37), like him, funny, quirky.
Lea (35), troubled.
Imogen (23), the Welsh Saskia? The natural beauty of the house.
Mikey (25), male chauvinist, going to either push or pull the women's vote.
Dawn (38), going to be a loner?
Glynn (18), loves himself, erm? Not much more to add.
Richard (33), Overtly gay, and is going to annoy and entertain me at the same time.
Grace (20), posh girl, the much needed party element?
Lisa (27), mad Manc Chinese, crazy ladette, could be fun!
Sezer (26), geezer.
Nikki (24) wannabe princess, been put in there to kick off the sex, nudity, love stories for the producers. Thinks she is special!

Lets see how my opinions change as the weeks roll by...