With the latest round of Big Brother it could be quite easy to miss one of the many shows that are on daily. So to ensure you never miss a second, I've created a handy new feature for my site, Big Brother on TV.

Simply click on the link in the top nav labeled "Big Brother on TV", and a little screen will popup on the page you are on and tell you when Big Brother related programmes are on TV, today and tomorrow. It is designed to be as quick and easy as possible to access on my site.

In the background I've updated my script that gets TV data for my online TV guide from bleb.org/tv to now filter any programmes on Channel 4 and E4 with Big Brother in the title into a database, which I then pull out using a special page, which is loaded into the hidden div on demand via AJAX when you click on the link. Simple!

I hope it is of use, and who knows, I may extend it to some other programmes I and my readers regularly watch. It can break now and again if the data isn't up to scratch, which I have raised with bleb.org, but other than that all other comments welcome! Enjoy!