As you'll know for my birthday Dawn bought me the Humax 9200T, which I reviewed.

Anyway, since then there have been a couple of OTA (over the air) updates, and the latest one has added a couple of new features I thought I'd share here, just in case you were deciding on buying one ;o)

Firstly, chase play. This means that whilst you are recording a programme, you can start to watch it before its finished recording. This is handy; for example say you're out and you've set the PVR to record a programme that starts at 10 and finishes at 11. If you get in at 10.15, you can start to watch recording before the programme has finished. Meaning you can get to bed by 11.15, instead of watching it at 11 when the recording will have finished.

Secondly you can now pad your recording with an additional 1, 2, 3, etc minutes at the start and end. Again this is handy, as the tv channels don't always stick to the exact start and end times they provide in the EPG, and missing the climax of Lost every week could be annoying. So if you felt this was missing and it affected your decision, worry no more!

Hope these two further features make the Humax more attractive to you if you are thinking about buying one, the real beauty of it is these over the air updates, fully automated, which means your box is always updated with cool new features!