I decided it was time to make finding things on my site a bit more of an experience, so I've done my own wizzy AJAX search page!

Basically, enter a query, then each tab for Google Blog Search, Google Search, MSN Search and Flick Search, will load asynchronously using AJAX techniques. When they've loaded the little icon will disappear. Click around the various tabs to see the results.

Hopefully this fusion of web search technologies means you can use the one that will find the most relevant results.

The Google Blog search and MSN Search make use of search result feeds you can get from their sites, whilst the Google Search and Flickr search make use of their respective APIs. To make the Google Search a REST API rather than a SOAP API (its easier), I'm also using Xoomle, a handy little service someone wrote.

Planned updates include adding a tag search to search my tags, and an option to search the web and not just my site.

Oh, and an intelligent 404 means you can write quick searches like this http://cgriley.com/search/keywords and it will load the search page and perform the search automatically. (Also handy for linking to search results.)

Anyway, as usual comments welcome, I'll make changes where I can be bothered! Enjoy!