I've noticed recently that my web space was a little near my limit, and after a bit of probing I found out the main culprit was the videos I was hosting for you all to enjoy. So what is the solution? Get them hosted elsewhere, for free!

That is not as hard as it seems, as there are a few video websites out there now where you can upload your videos and share them with the world using cool flash players and streaming, much quicker and easier than downloading a file from my server! The sites I looked at were Google Video, Yahoo! Video and YouTube.

After a bit of deliberation, I decided to go for YouTube, for a couple of reasons. 1. It is used by a lot of like minded bloggers, and if they're using it, it can't be bad. 2. It has an API, which is pretty important if I'm going to try and integrate the videos into my site.

Essentially YouTube is Flickr for videos, so all of the benefits my photo gallery has apply here for videos. You can just view my videos in my YouTube profile, but even better in my new video gallery, making use of their API.

As usual I've waffled on a bit, so just go and try it out and let me know what you think. (Note - I've made the links to individual videos pretty, like the individual photo ones are.)

Their API lacks a couple of features, which I might tell them about, but generally it does the job. The only remaining problem I have is the wedding video, which is in WMV format, and YouTube doesn't support that. As yet I haven't found a free WMV > MPG converter, any suggestions?