Thursday evening saw Tony, Suzy, Dawn, a few of the Agency girls and I go out after work to see fellow colleague Sarah Mills perform in Cinderella at the Crucible theatre.

We started off the evening by going for a meal at the HaHa Bar, where the service was quite literally laughable. Our meal was late, and two of the meals (one of them mine) didn't turn up at all! Needless to say Debbie employed her managerial skills and got us what food did turn up for free.

Despite all of that we got to the Crucible on time. It was the first time a lot of us had been to the Crucible, and having only seen it on TV for the snooker, in real life it is smaller than it appears on TV. Which I have to say I liked, because I can imagine watching some Shakespeare, or other involved drama, being very absorbing.

Anyway, Sarah is part of the June D Gill School of Theatre Dancing who were performing Cinderella as part of the Sheffield Childrens Festival 2006. It was a delightful performance, with children ranging from the smallest (4 or 5 years old?) up to women in their 20s. Obviously the youngest performers were the cutest, with one girl in particular struck with stage fright, standing still, whilst the others danced around her, aww! There was also one little lad who did some wicked break dancing moves.

There were many styles of dance on show (the usual ballet and tap), and the story of Cinderella was stretched to its max to accommodate dances such as disco and jazz into show, although these were still very good routines. Sarah will have to show us all some of her moves on the dancefloor at the next office outing!

Helping the show along were the classic ugly sisters played by a couple of blokes in drag, with obvious adult jokes to keep us all amused - "The Princes balls are getting bigger every year", "I love balls!"

All in all it was a very good performance, and all of the dancers involved should be very proud of their achievements, especially as there were a lot of routines to learn, that looked quite tricky for the youngsters involved.

One last thing, on the train home after all of this, it got very busy after Meadowhall, where a slightly slimmer Toby Foster lookalike went to the head of the train and tried to get us all singing "The wheels on the train go round and round..." surreal to say the least!