It's only a car.

A car, is a car,
Is a car, is a car.

With nuts and bolts,
And leather and cogs,
And steel and wood,
And glass.

Intelligent wipers and head up displays,
Alloy and oil,
Sensors and sound.

Digital mapping and satellite tracking,
Twists and turns,
And smiles, and miles.

Infra red eyes and self drying brakes,
And one...little...key.

A car, it's only a car.

I like this advert. As much as I dislike marketing types there are good ones out there who come up with adverts like this. You'll probably find a whole bunch of them work at WCRS, who I finally managed to track this BMW advert down to. (And their website uses Google Analytics for web stats, so much kudos for that too. However kudos points get removed for it all being in flash.) This lot (Weiden + Kennedy) seems quite good too, they're responsible for the current slew of good Honda ads.

Hmm, I find this quite interesting, maybe I should create a website that passes opinion on UK tv adverts...(he files this idea under websites to do before he dies, then wonders why he's talking about himself in the third person, nut job.)