Modern Toss - “the stink of excellence in a world gone tits up” - started on Channel 4 last night, after Lost at 11pm. If you didn't watch it kick yourself, then kick yourself again, then see if you can find it somewhere as Channel 4 don't seem to be repeating it.

“Why should I go to all this bother” you're wondering? Because Modern Toss is fantastic. It is hard to describe, so I won't, you can read about it on the website above. What I will do is continue to rave about it as I loved it.

The comedy is laugh out loud in places, subtle genius in others. And I have acquired a new swear word - Shitcasket. That alone is a reason to watch the show. It does contain bad language, so if that offends you don't watch, but otherwise it is fresh genius. Fly talk, voiced by Mackenzie Crook (Gareth from the office) is particularly enjoyable, as are the very short, but well executed “work” segments.

I've probably forgotten a lot of even greater moments, but suffice to say make sure you watch it next week! And for those of you who did see it and can't get enough, apparently it all started out from the Modern Toss website, so be sure to check that out, I know I will be (outside of work of course!)