A few things have been floating around in my head, so I'll get them out of my head by writing them here.

Firstly as mentioned I've been playing with the Yahoo! user interface library, and I've found a use for their animation. When looking at a photo page (like this one) the header will shrink up, allowing the normally (hidden beneath the fold) description to become visible. Useful (a little bit)!

Secondly, bad manners, in particular barging onto a train before everyone has gotten off. That is really annoying. Stop doing it.

When you're on a train on your phone, instead of repeatedly saying I can't hear you (no shit, you're sat on top of a noisy diesel engine trying to haul tons of metal along metal tracks), don't hang up, stick your finger in your other ear, thus blocking the noisy engine, muppets.

Finally, announcements. For a while now Sheffield station has had this stock announcement played every 5 minutes or so; “Items left unattended may be removed without warning, or destroyed or buried by the security services.” I've always found it quite odd that they felt the need to tell us items, once removed, may be destroyed or buried. I don't really care what happens to items left unattended. The fact they may be removed without warning is more likely because its been nicked than taken by the “security services” (although that is possibly a little harsh, Sheffield station doesn't seem too dodgy these days.) And why bury items? If you could destroy them, surely you'll take that route, way more fun, and you don't have to find somewhere to bury things then.

And finally, “safety posters are scattered throughout the train” - nuff said.

There, that's better, my head is empty and ready to be filled with more useless stuff now.