This afternoon, after a busy morning putting a load of changes live to the order system I work on, I treated myself (tret mi self, if you will) to watching the last two episodes (ever) of The West Wing. As always the final episode was a very good send off to this amazing TV series.

I'm a huge West Wing fan, having watched every single episode and loved every minute of it. And that has taken some doing. Whilst it was on E4 only and I was at uni with no digital TV, I actually had my Mum and Dad tape it and post it to me! It is a shame it has come to an end, the brilliant writing, amazing cast and genuinely intriguing plot lines have kept me hooked.

However, as Chris has pointed out, Aaron Sorkin, the genius behind The West Wing, has written a new TV show called Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip, which Channel 4 have bought the rights to. I've just watched the trailer and am very excited about this, not least because it is written by Sorkin, and has Matthew Perry (Chandler in Friends) and Bradley Whitford (aka Josh in TWW) in it. It'll be interesting to see if I can watch Whitford without associating him with the character of Josh. We'll have to see!