I'm the first to admit I'm not an avid viewer of Fifth Gear, but in the past have liked its format of informative car reviews and motoring stories nicely packaged up and shown with little chatter inbetween. So it was with some excited anticipation that I sat down to watch the new series of Fifth Gear on five last night, especially since they were talking about a new look and new format.

Sadly, I was disappointed. They have decimated it. Literally. Vicki Butler-Henderson and new boy Tim Lovejoy ramble on in their new cafe surroundings, and unlike Top Gear (which they are blatantly trying to copy), they are neither funny or good at acting (which is what they are doing, because no one in their right mind actually talks like that). It was actually painful to watch. And so with all this rubbish rambling the informative car reviews and stories have suffered and been cut back and dumbed down a little bit, which is a real shame.

I'll certainly not stop watching it just yet, but it might be a case of recording it on my fantastic Humax 9200t PVR so I can fast forward through all the shit, rather than watching it “live”. Did anyone else see it, any thoughts?