I've just had to renew my car insurance for another year. As usual the renewal documents came from Direct Line, and as usual I was disappointed not to see my renewal price drop. This time it was £726.60 (don't forget I drive a large engine car for those whose jaws have just dropped) so I decided I'd have a fish about for some cheaper quotes.

And cheaper quotes I found with Churchill and RAC Insurance both coming in around £640 / £660 on a like for like basis. So armed with this I phoned the Direct Line renewal “hotline” after a discount. You see I'd rather stay with Direct Line as their customer service, in my experience, has been very good and I'm very happy with them. Unfortunately I was promptly told that they don't do price matching, certainly not against online prices. But then she let slip a nugget of information.

If I were to get a quote on Direct Line.com, save the quote (which would include a 15% online discount) and then ring them up again, I could renew at the online price I'd saved! Genius!

So off I went to Direct Line, got my quote and saved it. I fiddled my voluntary excess slightly to £150 to make it a little cheaper, but in the end got a quote for £609.00 - a saving of £117.60.

So my tip from the top, go and get yourself an online quote from your insurance provider first, save it, then ring them up and get a better renewal deal :o)