Oh yes my friends. When I first launched Mini Mini Cabs™ all those months ago you laughed and pointed and said there goes a fool. Well laugh no more, because I've just updated the Mini Mini Cabs™ website, and it is better than ever, with AJAX!

Over the months it has had a rough time, sat in the lower section of the right nav, unloved and broken. But no more. For after some inspiration from Ben (yes, it is your fault, and get a website so I can link to it) I have updated the MMC website to use the Virtual Earth API to get its distance data, and thus have been able to make it into an AJAX monster.

To use simply enter your start and end postcodes and choose you type of Mini, and MMC will instantly go off and get you a price, all within the same page! It is AJAX magic. Obviously it is still completely useless and a bit of fun, but none the less it has served its purpose in entertaining you, the cgriley.com massive, and helping me understand a little bit more about these Javascript based APIs.

Go forth and get Mini Mini Cab™ taxi fares. Oh, and if you break it, which you likely will with rogue postcodes, I don't care.