Chris highlighted a fantastic little service called twitter. It is basically a really easy way of letting people know what you are up to without needing to talk to them, or enter into any kind of conversation. Simply send a text, type it into the website, or use your instant messenger to add your latest twitter, and then with the magic of JSON, or some pre-built bits, you can add your twitterings to your own website (blog, myspace, etc). You can also start to build a friend network, and they can be notified of your latest twittering.

Obviously I've gone the JSON route, so in the side nav of my site you'll see my latest twitter (and yes, from time to time it may contain swear words) and if you click on it, you'll get to see my last 10 twitterings, with links off to to see all of my twittering.

Not much more to it really. Simple, easy, quick, brilliant.