Ok, so I posted like an excited child about Yahoo! Widgets, and may now have been a little premature. You see, the main stumbling block I see with Yahoo! Widgets is that you have to download the Yahoo! Widget engine to run any widget, and whilst it is only a 10MB download, that's still an extra step you have to explain to web novices who just want a simple way to interact with your website / business etc.

So I thought, well if Mac OSX Tiger (or whatever) has it with the dashboard, will Windows Vista offer something similar. Low and behold Windows Sidebar and Gadgets!. Having a quick read about it seems the functionality, whilst not documented as well as Yahoo!, is all pretty similar in terms of what you can access and do. So I think I'll put any Yahoo Widget development on hold and dig a bit deeper into Windows Gadgets.

Apologies if you've already ditched your 9-5 career in search of Yahoo! Widget goodness....oops