Ghostwatch. If the very word strikes the fear of God into you then fear not, you are not alone. For Dawn and I also watched this programme 14 years ago and let it scare the bejesus out of us. Obviously back then we were kids, and the events in Ghostwatch seemed very real.

For those reading this going “what the chuff is Ghostwatch?” it was a programme shown on BBC1 on Halloween in 1992 as a “live“ show, when in fact it was all fake. But anyway I digress. You see Dawn and I bought this on DVD a few weeks back, and last night we had a little Halloween party to watch Ghostwatch 14 years to the day it was last seen.

I'm pleased to report that, whilst being a little dated, it still had the power to make me look away from the screen, and be a little bit scared. (It had Suzy in the other room!) To that end I'm happy, because I was really worried it would be rubbish, and Dawn and I would be sat going why were we scared? But we weren't! Watching it back was great, and I think I'm safe in saying everyone enjoyed seeing it (again or for the first time).

More fun was also had because with the advent of DVD it means you can freeze frame it now and get a good look at “Pipes”! I'm also looking forward to watching it with the commentary now.

For more information on Ghostwatch, check out the BBC's Ghostwatch site, Wikipedia, and the BFI Screenonline website. Finally, if you too want to relive the horror (or see if for the first time) you can buy it!