It has been a while coming, but last week I finally had my application for Google Apps for Your Domain accepted, hurrah! What did this mean? Any email sent to my blah at email addresses was now natively handled by Google, and their fabulous GMail interface, instead of being forward on by various entries in various email accounts. Now it is all managed in one place, and is done so for free!

So, a week in what do I make of it all? Well, I can't argue with the speed and ease of use of GMail, and administering users and email lists is a doddle. Another plus point is I can add other domains that alias my main one to the same account, so any mail sent to automatically falls into my inbox. You also get access to Google Talk/Chat, Calendar, Page Creator, of which Talk and Calendar are particularly useful. Finally, you can add DNS entries to your domain to be CNames to and then they will set up handy redirects to your mail, calendar and start page - a simple and functional feature.

Downsides, I'd love Google Reader to be part of Apps for Your Domain, and you can't migrate an existing GMail account to your Apps for Your Domain account (only two things, not bad now is it!)

Anyway, that's my experiance with it so far, anyone else using it day to day and got any comments?