I like Christmas, I like Christmas songs. I also like good music, and whilst from time to time my musical knowledge gets slightly befuddled in my head (I now know that the Rolling Stones, Stone Roses and Guns n' Roses are not the same band) I know what I like and what I don't like. And I don't like the bloody Pogues Fairytale of New York.

To quote a popular phrase of Chris', it is seven kinds of evil. Quite how this song, featuring Bob Geldof and Kirsty Gallagher*, is so popular is beyond me. It is out of tune durge that should have been consigned to the bargain bin and never played again, but instead it is one of the most popular Christmas songs out there. WHY?!

It is like Shane MacGowan rolled out of some pub, half-cut, and turned to Kirsty and said “Kirsty, mi love, I'm pissed, lets make a Christmas song.” It is truly awful, and out of tune. Admittedly when Kirsty starts singing she is more in tune, but he's still there shouting in the background like some bad karaoke night.

How anyone ever liked this song I've no idea. The only reason I've come up with so far came to me via Paul yesterday. He forwarded, as part of International Monkey Day, this amusing anecdote, Monkey see, monkey do. To summarise, I believe everyone likes Fairytale of New York because that's the way it has always been. Perhaps I'm the only intelligent monkey in the room going “hang on, this is shit!”

However I'm not one to say my piece and stifle opinion (even though I'm right) so please, people of Britain, restore my faith in you by telling me someone else out there despises, with a passion, this tuneless drivel they choose to call a Christmas song, and play repeatedly during December. Please!

*This is a joke the guys from work will get. I know it is not Bob Geldof and Kirsty Gallagher singing on it now, but for a while I really did think it was Mr Geldof. As I said, musical knowledge gets a bit befuddled in my head.