Monarchy, by David Starkey, has been a fascinating watch on Channel 4. His delivery is a little dry, and you have to concentrate to take it in, but if you do you are rewarded with a fantastic insight into the history of Britain. I'm not going to list out the wondrous things I've learned here, but getting a sense of context for historical facts is fascinating.

Great, you're thinking, nice of you to tell me all about this when the programme has finished. Ha, well that's where you're wrong, you see 4oD (4 on demand) the Channel 4 download service is here to save the day. Apparently (I've not checked this) the Monarchy series is available to download for free from 4oD (unlike other stuff you have to pay a nominal fee for), so you can watch it all and be as amazed as I have been. As ever there is a book to accompany the series, and hopefully I'll get to read this one day.

That is all, class dismissed.