Radio 1's Live Lounge review coming up, but first I've just finished watching The Trouble with Atheism, if you didn't see it apologies, this won't make much sense. It has frustrated me to sit and watch this programme, because whilst he makes some good arguments, to me he was arguing the wrong points, and on other points there is no comeback to his argument, so as soon as you try to reason your answer he'd just go "there you go again, told you I was right." Aaargh! Anyway better people than me will be able to articulate their thoughts on this programme much better, so I shall move on.

A present I forgot to include in my birthday haul was Radio 1's Live Lounge CD. This is 2 CDs of tracks performed acoustically in the live lounge on Jo Whiley's show on Radio 1. There is an excellent mix of tracks on this CD, and it of course includes some of the great songs that have been covered by alternative artists. Some, like the Arctic Monkeys take on a Girls Aloud track, are a noble attempt but don't quite hit the mark, whilst others are absolute genius (Kooks singing Gnarls Barkley's Crazy, Corine Bailey Rae doing Editor's Munich, etc).

If you're stuck for a last minute Christmas present you'd be hard pressed to find a better CD, especially because of it's mix of tracks and acoustic nature, it is bound to please. Buy it!