Do you remember a while back on Dragons' Den there was a board game that came on called Destination, a bit like Monopoly but with taxis and stuff? Well if you don't not to worry, because this idea succeeded without the Dragon's help, and Destination has been available for a while now.

Anyway, wandering through Debenhams during the sales, I spotted Destination Sheffield! Not only that it was reduced from £25 to £7.50, bargain! Needless to say I've bought it, played it with the parents on New Years Day, and I have to say it was great. It is not only a good game, but the fact it is based on Sheffield made it even better! The selection of destinations is a little bizarre, but I'm thankful Sheffield is on there.

I fully recommend it, and if you don't want to shell out for it, pop round ours and we'll give you a game ;o)