Well, I suppose the time had to come eventually, but Anthony has announced that Moddin'.net is to close it's doors on 31st January 2007.

For those who don't know, Moddin'.net started all those years ago in our second year of uni, when Anthony started fiddling with his computer case and LCD screens. This quickly spread into him moddin' his case most evenings, and so Moddin'.net was born. I have to congratulate him on an excellent idea for a website, the fact it has lasted this long, and grown such a community of modders is testament to the hard work he and the rest of the team have put in over the years.

So why do I care? Well, 1.) I'm a mate of Ants and I'm sad to see it go for him, but 2.) because it was the website where I got stuck into ASP and helped turn Moddin'.net into what it is today. In the team page I'm quite proudly listed as “ASP Guru” (even though Ant has streaked past me into an ASP.net guru now!) In the grand scheme of things my contribution has been small, aside from helping to code it, I think I wrote one review, and hardly visited the forums (my signature was rather proudly “It's his rarity in the forums that makes him so special”). But I'm proud that the bits of code I did write have lasted this long! I learnt many a thing from writing that site, and I shall be sad to see it go, not least from my C.V!

It is not too late to go and marvel at what is 5 and a half years of hard work from people more far dedicated than me, and pay your last respects before it vanishes from the web for good.

Goodbye Moddin'.net, those were the days.....