I've just had a thought. What with the recent shake up of the top 40 singles chart rules allowing downloads into the chart without a physical CD release, this means we'll get more and more unsigned acts popping up in the chart, like Koopa

This surely leads to a certain problem for the music TV channels. Unsigned artists typically won't have flashy videos, if a video at all. In the past this wasn't a problem as they didn't get in the charts, so the kids didn't want to watch them. But now they are in the charts, with no video to show, what do the music channels do? I give you the spectacular return of Pan's People. It is the only solution! The kids want to hear the music, so show Pan's People dancing when you have no video, keep the kids happy, keep your viewers, and keep the ad revenue pouring in. With no Pan's People, you have no kids watching, so no viewers and no ad revenue - radio becomes king again!

Video killed the radio star, downloads are killing the video star, what's gonna kill downloads I wonder?