Arriving at the station today we were greeted by hundreds of people stood on platforms, and a passenger information display board that looked like this.

Train Chaos

In case you can't make it out from the amazing quality of my new phone camera and my steady hands, the right hand column (blob) says “cancelled” or “delayed” next to each departure. Hmm, not good. It seems some strong winds and a bit of rain turns Sheffield station into a large waiting room, rather than a place to arrive and depart from. We waited for quite a while, trains came and went, just not to our station. They never came, or went, in fact. Eventually we were lucky enough to be offered a lift by someone who we see on the train every day, but never really talk to, a good Samaritan if you will, and they took us from Sheffield back to Wombwell on roads not snarled up by lorries being blown over. Had they not shown up God only knows what we'd have done, or what time this blog post would have been written.

Oh, and whilst I'm here I'd like to sort out this Celebrity Big Brother racism scandal. The UK isn't racist towards Indians, how do I know this? Because we've just enjoyed a nice curry :o) (Who's Jade Goody?....)