I've been getting fed up with YouTube recently. It is poorly designed (cluttered), the quality and download speed of the video is poor, and I can't get at my orignal videos so it is pretty useless as a quick way for backing up my original video files online.

So I've been looking around at other video sites, and two in particular caught my attention - Blip.tv and Vimeo. Blip.tv was good, it offered original file storage and download, but there was something about it I didn't quite like, or get, and so it wasn't for me. However Vimeo is much better. The website is well designed and good looking, the quality of the flash video is top notch, download speed seems good, and they store your original files and allow you and your users to download them for free. To top it off they have a really good community user base in the forums, and a site admin who seems to be really involved. The only criticism is that their site is a little on the light side for documentation, and there is no API (but I've made do as you'll see).

So without further ado I bring to you the videos section of my site, powered by Vimeo. I mentioned the lack of an API, but they do provide a feed of user's clips, so that with a bit of XSL my integration was soon up and running. I hope you find the clips of a better quality now, and of course if you want the best quality just head on over to Vimeo where you can download the originals. Magic, a job well done, well done Vimeo!