I'm sorry, but is this not the 21st century, are we not one of the most powerful countries in the world? The reason I pose these questions? Because I can't get a letter delivered on a bloody Sunday!

Seriously, why, in this day and age is it so hard for our postal system to deliver the post on a Sunday. Yeah, a few people might whinge on about Sunday being a special day to a shrinking few of the population, but I'm sure there will be plenty of posties only too happy to deliver on a Sunday to get a bit extra in their pay packet.

And think of the benefits, no more late Mother's day cards (ahem), letters sent 1st class arriving the next day, whenever you post them, businesses and people alike will no longer be able to use “it's in the post” as an excuse. Moving house might actually be quicker!

I'm seriously considering adding this as a petition to old Tony's online petition website. But that leads me on to a whole new rant. The number of stupid people on there petitioning for Sunday to be a holy day again, and everything to be shut. A bunch of fools, let shops open if they want to, if you don't want to shop on a Sunday, then don't! Luckily the stupid are out numbered by the sensible asking for Sunday trading laws to be abolished. Phew, rant over I think. So in summary, deliver post on a Sunday, and yeah, why not do away with the Sunday trading laws at the same time.