Tony recently moved from our office to another on the same floor. Having worked next to Tony since starting at SDL (nearly 4 years now) I decided it was a point in time we should mark with something. That and a strict policy on Internet usage had been introduced, so lunchtimes were restricted to using the applications on your machine, namely Adobe Photoshop! So what did I do, I produced the following, printed it out and stuck it on the wall where Tony once sat.

Now here is the fun part, I fully understood the parody I had created by using the acronym WWTD, as did Chris when he first saw it, but that was it! Not a single other person who has seen it has got the joke. I find that amazing! So the question is, do you get it? Try and answer honestly in the comments please, and once you've given your answer click this link to find out what the parody is based on! (And if you still don't get it then there really is no helping you!)