After a recommendation from Chris to try The Milestone for Sunday lunch last night, today we did just that. The roast beef was amazing. I don't know what they put in that gravy, but by God it tasted good. The pint of dark smoked bitter I had was good too, once you got over the initial bitterness.

Downsides, the chocolate fondant Dawn ordered for dessert didn't have runny chocolate in the middle like it should, it was all baked, and we had to wait a while for the dessert too because, once again their small kitchen meant whilst they were serving a large party upstairs, the entire food operation for the bar downstairs ground to a halt. However it didn't spoil our meal, and I for one thoroughly enjoyed it.

So, in summary, main food amazing, pudding could have been better but still good, and food timing needs work from the kitchen, but the waiting staff did a good job.