Oh. My. God.

As you will have seen, we ordered a new Samsung LCD TV last weekend, well today it arrived. It is spectacular, fantastic, amazing, jaw dropping, sharp, bright, and most of all, shiny (which equals wife friendly ;o))

Seriously, we got it hooked up in no time, switched it on (with its fancy pants touch buttons on the side) and gasped. But enough gushing about how great it is, here is some proper information.

Samsung LE26R88BD

The R8 series of LCD TVs from Samsung is its latest and greatest range, and they're not lying. The contrast, colour, brightness and response times are all top drawer. I can't really fault the picture at all, you can fiddle with it to your hearts content if you want to, but it doesn't need it. Some of the features Samsung talk about on their website, such as DNIe and movie plus really work. Especially the movie plus one, you'll have all seen the judder some LCD TVs suffer from displaying fast moving action, but not this baby, I'm well chuffed.

In terms of it being a digital TV tuner I can't really comment on it, as we use our other piece of essential kit, our Humax 9200T, to handle that side of things. But in terms of displaying a digital TV source it looks good. The best bit is that we now have a widescreen TV, so no more letter box for us (except for those super wide DVDs). Even though it is only 5 inches bigger than our 4:3 21" the picture seems so much bigger because it isn't in a letter box.

Samsung LE26R88BD

And all of this is on a regular TV source, no high definition stuff yet, so it really can only get better! Finally on a styling front I really like this TV, it does look really good, and has a little blue LED light built into the frame near the bottom (which you can switch off), but I've not fully seen that yet as I've not seen it at night.

Samsung LE26R88BD

So after this great review you want to buy one right? Good because it is a bargain! (Don't leave it for 15 months Tony ;o)) In all the high street stores you'll find it around the £600 mark, but shop online and you can get £100 knocked off that price. I got ours from Dixons, and in fact it is even cheaper now, £483.30!! Well, I think my review here is done, the TV is the best of the bunch, at a price that is staggeringly low, what more do you people want!