What a fine bank holiday weekend this has been! Saturday saw Tony, Chris A and myself head off to play a round of golf at Bondhay golf course. We only played the 9 hole par 3 course, but compared to the par 3 course at Rother Valley, it was a different league. Since it is only another 10 minutes drive from Rother Valley, make the effort and visit it, you'll be rewarded with a more challenging course, and greens you can putt on! Plus it is in the middle of nowhere, so a really peaceful and quiet course.

Sunday saw the long anticipated trip to watch the cricket at Headingly finally arrive, only for the bank holiday weather to perform true to style, and rain.

The journey started with a ridiculously packed train from Sheffield to Leeds (which I managed to squeeze onto at Wombwell). We then got taxis to the Headlingly Taps (a pub), and had a pint since it was raining (at 11am). After our first pint we wandered down to Headlingly and found our seats. Since it was still raining a little, you guessed it, we had a drink. Time passed, and at one point we had play scheduled to start for 1.30pm. But guess what, 1.22pm, it started to rain, and didn't stop for the rest of the day, bummer. I had been really looking forward to seeing some cricket for real, but at least we get a refund because there was no play.

So, with no cricket imminent we left the ground and wandered up to a pub called The Arc. A couple of drinks in there, then on to a pub (via taxi) called The Reliance. This was a really nice place just outside the centre of Leeds, where I had a fantastic brunch. Onwards from here we walked to The Elbow Room, a pool hall and bar. Here we drank some more, and played killer, which I came second in twice, gutted! Finally we caught the train home at 8:17pm, played poker on the train with some cheese and bacon bites as chips, and had a jolly good time!

So, in summary, there may well have been no cricket, which was very disappointing, but we didn't let that spoil our day and had a great time out in Leeds.

And finally today, to top off an eventful bank holiday I've woken up without a hangover :o) and have survived Meadowhell, coming home with three DVDs for £20, bargain. (If you're interested they are: Shrek 1&2 boxset, The Sentinel, and Superman Returns.)