So the new series of Big Brother is on the go. First impressions of the house is it is a good one this year. Plenty of nice twists, like the spacing out of the kitchen all over the house, and the bath in the lounge. And Davina is just ideal for this gig, once again! On to the good stuff, the contestants.

Sam and Amanda, 18 year old identical twins, bit screamy, but in the main seem like two nice girls.

Lesley, 60, seems game, maybe going to be a bit tricky for the others to get on with her? Lack of common interests.

Charlie, probably not going to be liked by the public, mainly for being unemployed, describing herself as an it girl, and having a footballer relative. Yep, they're booing her already...

Tracey, man or a woman?!?!?! Apparently a woman, seems like a cleaning buzzing raver... Hmm, favourite cheese dairylea, and saying 'ave it on the way in too much, I'm going off her already

Chanelle, quite attractive, but totally into Victoria Beckham? But seems like a lot of fun despite that, I can see her doing well.

Shabnam, Shabaz for BB8? Thinks a lot of her opinion and I think will end up rubbing the housemates up the wrong way, not sure she'll last.

Quick comment here, all girls so far, looks like the papers were right, and so far all seem very watchable.

Emily, performing arts student, seems like a normal girl, claims intelligence, possibly wants publicity, but on the other had possibly just wants the experience.

Laura, Welsh, talks fast like Vicky Pollard and her nick name is wangers cos she has large boobs! And she really does talk fast. But she seems really down to earth and could be a crowd pleaser, funny, think she'll last.

Nicky, got a chip on her shoulder about men, and seems a bit dull, not sure she'll survive, depends if the other girls take to her, or she blends into the background and doesn't get nominated.

Carol, typical activist, claims she is gonna cause trouble, and will probably cause a few arguments, might well upset the public, or we'll love her, fickle bunch aren't we!

So that's it, all girls, so something for the psychologists to ponder. Once they throw a bloke in there I expect the dynamic amongst them all will change, but for now lets enjoy the ladies. I have a good feeling about this year, I think it could be a return to the glory days of BB2 and BB3, but we'll see won't we!

What, you're not watching? Don't be stupid, get it switched on and stop being so silly....