Well, if like me you bought a Bluetooth dongle so you could transfer files to and from your phone, and used it and the supplied BlueSoleil software on XP with no problems, you'll be annoyed, as I was, to learn that the BlueSoleil software doesn't work with Vista. Rubbish.

Luckily, BlueSoleil have recently released a new version (v3), that does work with Vista, the catch, you have to pay €15 for the pleasure. Since I paid a little under £10 for the dongle, with the supplied software, I don't really want to pay out again. So I performed a Google search, and guess what, I'm using my Bluetooth dongle on Vista, transferring files, and it is a hell of a lot better than the slightly annoying BlueSoleil software was!

The guide I used can be found here, and the only adjustment I'd make would be on step 7.1, I would add in step 7.1a; once in Safe mode, plug in your USB dongle so you will see it listed in the patcher. The rest should be fairly straight forward, use the forum if you have difficulties I guess!