I'm having a rant, the reason, people's ignorance, and the press fuelling it. It is to do with politics, and the fact that ignorant people are calling for Gordon Brown to hold a general election when he takes over as Prime Minister, claiming that we should have a say in who our Prime Minister is. Erm, hang on a second you numbnuts, you have had your democratic say.

You see this is England, where we have a parliamentary party system, not a presidential system, like wot you think. What that means is that you vote a party into Government, and the elected representatives of that party, the people you voted for, then elect a leader from within that party. So you see, Gordon Brown securing enough nominations from the people you elected, to do away with a leadership contest, was done democratically. The only reason you're probably a bit put out is because a) Tony Blair has acted like a President for the past 10 years, and you've treated general elections like a presidential election, instead of voting for the MP who you think will represent your area best in Parliament or b) you didn't vote Labour in the last general election, in which case you want a general election called to hopefully kick Labour out.

The same thing happened with John Major when he became Prime Minister, it is nothing new, it is the way of party politics. Deal with it. And to the media, stop banging on about it, really, enough is enough. End of rant, now shoot me down in the comments ;o)