Ok, so maybe I was a little harsh on Facebook yesterday, and a bit of a spaz as Tony put it, but to me that just highlights some of the usability issues they have on Facebook ;o) So a day in what do I think?

Well, I now have 5 7 friends, so I've started to see what the fuss is about in keeping up with what people are up to, growing your list of friends, making connections, etc. Statuses are also a nice feature, as many have eluded to it is like Twitter, but integrated into a more robust service.

Downsides? So far I've found myself clicking about, not really finding what I want, maybe that's a usability thing, maybe I expect too much from it. And I want it to integrate with the other plethora of social sites I'm already a member of. For instance if I update my status on Facebook it should post that to my twitter, or vice versa (someone says they've got this working one way, but I think the feed that made it work has been pulled from Facebook). Photos I upload to Flickr I should be able to import into Facebook (this again sounded promising, but I couldn't get it to work). Instead of asking me what music I'm into for my profile, it should pull in my last.fm profile. Now if it did all that, then it would start to be really cool. But since at the moment Facebook's own API doesn't even let me update my status through it, this kind of integration may be a way off.

But that isn't going to put me off just yet, so Facebook is my social network, to my last.fm music site, to my Flickr photo site, to my Vimeo video site, to my Blogger blogging site. This is what Web 2.0 is all about! One day, as Tony and I have discussed, there will be a website to manage all your website profiles, now that will be really cool, and obviously would need to have a killer API!