I'm blogging live blog fans from Hack Day! It has been eventful, the main event being, whilst watching one of the talks there was a very very very loud bang, then all of the fire vents on the ceiling of Alexandra Palace opened. Each vent is about 2 metres square, and the rain cam pouring in. You see it was the middle of a thunderstorm, and we took a direct lighting hit, frying the fire alarm control panel and thus making it open the vents unintentionally. Then because it was fried, it took a while for them to reset it and get them closed. Meanwhile it was still raining! Anyway, after about an hour or so we got back into the room, but then the Wifi was being flaky (damn BT) and they were blaming it on the lightening strike and all sorts. But it seems stable now, but that has stumped progress somewhat. Anyway, onto me, as this is my blog! My origianl idea for a hack isn't going too well, and I've pretty much abandoned it for something simpler I should be able to complete. Secondly, there was an interesting talk by a couple of guys from BBC Radio with a bunch of new fairly interesting data available (see bbc-hackday.dyndns.org) so even if you're not a major hacker, have a look at it. Thirdly I've forgotten my glasses, so at this hour of the day my eyes are starting to hurt. Fourthly, I feel very much like a normal person again, compared to uber geeks surrounding me. Fifthly, I'm about to go get my third pint on the house, which you can never complain about. Finally, a lot of hacks seem to involve hardware, which is all very interesting. Anyway, I'll upload the photos I've taken on Monday and give a full report then. This is Chris Riley, reporting live from Alexandra Palace, over and out.