Well, I'm back, I'm a bit more rested than I was, so I'll try and sum up Hack Day in London. Overall, it was a really good event, there were some great hacks to come out of it, and some really great moments. Highlights for me personally were the lightening strike and subsequent raining indoors, and watching Doctor Who on the big screen with a decent sound system, with 300 odd fellow geeks and BBC people who all loved Doctor Who. Low points were the dodgy wifi early on, and trying to get to sleep on a hard floor.

Rather than try and go through everything there is a wealth of stuff already on the web, so I'll try and pick out a few highlights I've found. Firstly photos - my photos of Hack Day, all with descriptions, can be found here, and the official tag for Hack Day photos in Flickr is HackDayLondon, so you'll find over 5000 photos there!

As for videos, this one captures the loud bang and strange squealing sounds of the lightening strike and fire vents opening, plus the general event, and this one captures the confusion of people staring up at the open fire vents. Finally, this one is of the presentation that won some three awards, and a jolly good hack it was too.

For a full rundown of the 73 hacks this guy did a good job of live blogging it, and gives you a good feel for each hack, and saves me going through them all! If I find more time, I might go through that list and pick out some of my favourites.

So there you have it, Hack Day London done and dusted. Would I do it again? Maybe, but probably only if I had someone else to go with next time, if there is a next time....