Well, last week we had some flooding, and this week we've had even worse flooding. I think I said in my last post “Luckily for us the flood plain extends away from our house” - hmm. Luckily it isn't as bad as the photos make out, whilst we did have 6 inches around the back, it didn't come into the house, but that didn't stop me having a pretty sleepless night. We didn't get home until 11, but enormous thanks goes to Ben and Beck for taking us in for the evening, feeding us, and finding us a route home in their car. The pictures show the flood waters at the back of our house, and also in Hillsbrough when we went for a little walk around. That was quite scary!

Thankfully all we have left is a load of sludge, which I've captured in this nice little video, and after an hour and half with a hosepipe and brush things are looking much better. Lets just hope it doesn't rain much more this June!