As I wrote about, Facebook released an API that meant you can hook into the Facebook website. Well, since I wrote that post Chris came up with the idea of a recipe thing where he could put his recipes, and share them with his friends on Facebook. Seeing as this was a jolly good idea, and the perfect little project for me to try my hand at working with the Facebook API before Hackday (which I am definitely going to use at Hackday, unless the talks seriously persuade me otherwise) I got on with it.

The result is Recipe Binder! You'll obviously need to be a user of Facebook to use this, but if you are then go on over and add it. As I type you won't find it in the application directory just yet (pending approval) but you can add it by clicking here right now! Oh, and for those that already have it installed why not review it on the application's about page!

So what does it do? Well quite simply you can add any recipes you have to it, and your friends will then be notified of this and can read them. You can also let everyone on Facebook see your recipe, and you can search/browse for recipes other people have submitted. And once you've cooked the recipe you can review it so others know what it is like to cook, what it tastes like, how easy it actually is etc.

In terms of coding with Facebook, the downsides are no JavaScript, which can be slightly limiting at first, but once you've got used to that it is actually quite easy. You have to host the app, even though it looks like Facebook host it, but the code can be just whatever you code in, with FBML replacing HTML for specialised things like profile pictures, tabs etc. The documentation could be better, but there is a Wiki and discussion board that is very useful. Overall I'm very happy with it, I mean look, I've coded a fully working application in little over a week in my spare time, and it is now available to potentially millions of users. Genius!