This weekend, whilst in Carlisle, we went to watch Ocean's Thirteen. I'd heard good things about this one after the disappointment of Ocean's Twelve, so I was looking forward to it. Film over, what do I think? Well, it was alright, but it could have been better. For starters it lacked women, no sign of Julia Roberts in this one, it was very much a male cast. You had the one women in the form of Bank's assistant, and she wasn't great. But that aside the plot had a few holes in it. As a confessed geek I'll focus on the obvious one, the unbeatable artificially intelligent computer security system monitoring the casino for cheats and threats that in the end was beatable. I'm sorry, any sophisticated system like this in an emergency wouldn't shut down and take 3 minutes and 20 seconds to reboot, it would run off UPS, have clustered redundancy and never go down, because of the very nature of what it was doing. No Casino owner would accept a 3:20 reboot time. Ever. Secondly, the way they were going to take this system down was to replicate an earthquake, by boaring a tunnel under Las Vegas, with the tunneling machines used to dig the Channel Tunnel. I'm sorry, that is just too far fetched. How the hell did they get it into position accurately with a team of 1 controlling it, doesn't it take a little while to boar a tunnel, and why did no one else notice this huge tunneling machine arrive into Las Vegas, home of some of the largest casinos in the world, all probably with vaults buried deep in the desert. Wouldn't that raise just a few suspicions.

But alas, yes, it is a movie so we can suspend reality for a second, and when we do that, it wasn't a bad film. It just wasn't a great film. Watch it if you have time.

On the plus side we saw a couple of great trailers. The obligatory Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix looked great, but The Simpsons Movie looked very funny, and the Transformers movie, well, I can't wait for that one!! It is gonna be pure guff, but guff with Transformers, and that makes all the difference!